• Image of Matryoshka 2020 Mixed Case


Matryoshka ages for a year in a variety of barrels, stacking layer upon layer of elegant complexity. This series begins with a strong Russian Imperial Stout - Fort George’s From Astoria With Love - which is transferred to barrels and carefully placed in the Lovell Showroom to age. The brewers then add layers of adjuncts, resulting in a progression of smaller and smaller variations.

Matryoshka is the Russian name for nesting dolls. And much like those wooden dolls, the Matryoshka series releases in many variations, each one more intricate than the last.

IN THIS MIXED CASE: 12 500ml bottles of 2020 Matryoshka variants
Bourbon Barrel Matryoshka 2020 (x3)
Westward Whiskey Matryoshka with Vanilla 2020 (x3)
Bourbon Barrel Matryoshka with Maple 2020 (x3)
Bourbon Barrel Matryoshka with Maple & Coffee 2020 (x3)

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